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Welcome to the Jonas Family

The Genealogy of the Jonas family

On this pages you will find the research on my family tree including the main lines JONAS, DIETRICH and ULRICH. The Jonas line came from the 'Altes Land' (engl. "old land"), a region in the west of Hamburg. As far as I know most of them were farmers. Nowadays more then 4000 'Jonas' can be found in the German phone books. The geographical distribution figures out that the Jonas' appear mainly in the western part of Germany, specially in the regions of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Cologne.

My ancestors with the surname Dietrich (Dieterich) came from Wörlitz and Oranienbaum in Saxony-Anhalt. All of them were craftsmen, mostly potters and clothmakers. The Ulrich's were living in Dahlenburg, a small town near Lüneburg in Lower Saxony. Because in the past this town in German was called 'Schusterburg' (engl. "shoemakers castle") it is understandable that these ancestors of course were - shoemakers.

The complete surname list and names list of my family history contains more than 750 people, who all were living at locations in North and East Germany. From a collection of still existing old photos I have compiled some of them into my little "gallery".

Jonas Around the World ...

Many visitors were asking me about the Jonas people from other places. In most cases I cannot help very much because my ancestors with that surname were living in the region of Neuenfelde/Hamburg only. But on my page Jonas Around the world other reasearchers can publish their Jonas lines.

The Genealogy of the Wüpper family

Like the Jonas family the Wüpper family came from the Altes Land also, specially from Neuenfelde and Estebrügge. Although they are not directly related to the Jonas relatives, there are some common surnames in both family trees leading to the assumption that somehow there might be connections. The only known relation is that the sister of my grandmother Johanna Jonas, Marie Jonas, married Heinrich Wüpper. The surname list and the names list only show parts of the Wüpper family tree which was researched by a distant Wüpper descendant many years ago. Interesting and confusing is that the different Wüpper families had often used the same given names.

Dahlenburg Dahlenburg

Dahlenburg is situated in eastern Lower Saxony, about 25 km (14 miles) east of the district town of Lüneburg. If you are interested in its nearly 1000 years old history, the local museum and of course the present of this small town please visit my web pages of Dahlenburg. In section "History online" you can read the book "Dahlenburg-Streifzüge durch die Geschichte" ("Walk through the history of Dahlenburg"). The author, Charlotte Wodaege, is telling about the life of craftsmen, physicians, schoolmasters and pastors in the last centuries, based on long-time research in many archives. Genealogists will find a lot of family names, which sometimes are present in Dahlenburg until today (sorry - in German language only). Visitors looking for ancestors with the surname "Dahlenburg" can search on the web pages of Dahlenburg in a table of names, submitted by different researchers and can add their own Dahlenburgs' data.

Download my little MSDOS program RCAL for calculating the religious holiday in the past. You have to start it from the windows DOS box, source code is included.